Family Vacations

Taking your kids on vacation, embarking on a trip with your parents, or travelling with extended family can be a fun AND fulfilling experience. Sure, travel is a way to discover the world, but also a great way to form stronger bonds with those most important to you.

What are some memorable family vacations?

Let’s ask our GEMS:


Ask my kids what their favorite family vacation was…and they may not stop talking for days! There has been nothing better than watching the world unfold in front of their eyes.  They have been immersed in different cultures, learned new languages, and enriched their classwork with hands-on history lessons.  Our “2nd home” may be Jamaica, but we have been to SO many places together and LOVE travelling ANYwhere!


 With competing interests in our family, we try to find something for everyone as well as encouraging everyone to try something new. Experiential vacations are preferred as the memories created doing things are talked about for years.


We love traveling to warm climates! We like cruises, all-inclusives, Disney, Universal, and we especially love traveling to new locations we have never been before!

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