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Whether you are planning your first big vacation together, a getaway for just the two of you, or your 50th wedding anniversary, our GEMS love helping couples find the perfect destination to spend some well-deserved time TOGETHER.

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Our favorite getaway is to an all-inclusive resort! We are spoiled by the great food and drinks, but my husband is also a certified scuba diver, and having that included is also a bonus! In this photo, we traveled to an all-inclusive with our dear friends, to celebrate our 25th Anniversary by renewing our vows.


Going to someplace neither of us has been to, which is extremely hard so maybe some place we haven’t been to together or at the minimum, the trip has to include something new for one of us. We emphasize hands on, active adventure types of experiences such as parasailing, kayaking and rock climbing.


An all-inclusive in a tropical location!

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